Things To Know About Air Slide Fabric


Technical Textiles are defined as textile materials and products manufactured primarily for their technical and performance properties according to their end use and it is mainly manufactured for non aesthetic purposes.

Technical textile is divided into 12 main application areas like Agro tech, Build tech, Cloth Tech, Geo tech, Home tech, Indu Tech etc.

High Strength Air slide fabric falls into Industrial Textile and it is also known as aeration cloth, Fluidizing Pads, Air slide conveyor and aero cloth.

Air slide cloth is semi permeable textile material which allows air to pass through but not the product conveyed or particles.

Air slide fabric is placed in between the Air flow box and the material to be conveyed. Air flow box chute system flows air through air slide fabric and make the powder and particle like Cement ,Bauxite, Carbon and Gypsum etc. air borne or Fluidize to achieve purpose of conveying

Conveying efficiency is improved by creating the core difference in fabric by Khosla Profil. Air slide fabric manufacturer on heavy duty weaving loom.

Design of Air slide fabric

Air slide fabrics are available in different materials with different grades of air permeability as well as thickness based on the application.

Considering application and design conditions we are providing air slide fabric in different Fibers, Type of yarns, Thickness, grades of air permeability and working temperature conditions.

We are engineering our air slide fabric in different fibers like Polyester, Meta Aramid and Para Aramid.

Air slide fabric is normally woven with multiple warps and wefts.

As per the end users requirement we are providing air slide fabric in desired width and length or sometimes in technical shapes to fit into their matching mechanical parts. Edges of fabric are thermo sealed/fused on special purpose cutting machines.

Required properties to select the air slide fabric

In Application different stresses and strains applied on fabric along with temperature conditions, Friction Points, Contact Pressure and Moisture so the essential required properties for air slide fabrics are

  • Uniform Air permeability
  • High Abrasion Resistance
  • High Tensile strength
  • Resistance to wear and degradation
  • Temperature resistance from 150°C to 250°C Max
Applications of air slide fabric
  • Cement Industry
  • Gypsum, Lime and Aluminum plant
  • Power Plant
Air slide conveying system

Specification of Air slide Fabric
Parameters Product 1 Product 2
Fibre Type 100% Polyester 100% Aramid
Thickness (MM) 4.5-8 5
Weight/Sq Meter 3800-6250 3800

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