Rotary Vacuum Drum Filter Fabric

Rotary Vacuum Drum Filter Fabric

Demanding filtration processes across an array of market sectors can vary significantly, that’s why at Khosla Filters, we offer an extensive range of products that provide unsurpassed process performance to maintain high levels of separation.

The Rotary Vacuum Drum Filter is one of the oldest filtration methods and is still commonly used within process industries, at Khosla , we continuously innovate our media to keep up with modern separation practises.

Khosla Filters builds custom solutions based on your requirements from weave specifications to temperature and chemical constraints to ensure your end product is at its highest quality.

We adapt each individual product to your specific filtration requirements, from the CAD design to the finished article. Our team of technical specialists ensure every filter is tailored to fit your type of Drum filter machine and design each product to work to its maximum performance.

Khosla Filters are having a wide range of Rotary Vacuum Drum Filter Cloths for Different applications.

Our wide range of woven and non-woven media allows you to balance throughput, cake discharge, and long-life. High particle retention, bursting and tearing strength, and abrasion resistance of the fabric besides chemical and thermal compatibility are of importance. Besides abrasion resistance is required as the process of removal of the dried cake involves scraping Our quality Filter Cloth withstands the rigorous scraping process used to remove the dried cake. Quite often, we recommend a double layered fabric to ensure longevity of the filter cloth and better separation. Hence, we also offer a backing fabric that can used underneath the top cloth to provide a cushion and stability for the cloth as it moves through the Rotary Drum process. We work with you every step of the way to tailor the best solution for your production and equipment. High filtration efficiency and throughput Robust materials for long operational life Excellent cake release and cleaning Engineered CAD design process based on your equipment Our highly trained staff operate modern fabrication equipment to manufacture products of the highest quality Fabricated in our purpose-built facilities located close to our customers around the globe Tailored seams including clipper, Rubber bid , Velcro and zippers to suit your process

To consult our expert technicians to see which cloth would work best in your application.