Lowest emission with our new filter bags for your High temp application in baghouse

Khosla Filters has been operating since last 40 years in the field of technical textile, offering solution from design of the fabric suitable for the application. With our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility from extrusion of fibre to yarn and fabric to made-ups; the facility is capable of making custom engineered fabrics depending on the use and application.

With expertise and knowledge of filtration, Khsola has developed a new filter fabric specially for the high temperature application in your baghouse. Our fabric is made of high strength meta aramid fibers (aromatic polyamide) blended and needled with special fiberglass scrim which is available in 500/550/600 gsm weight. This filtration media can withstand temperature upto 200 deg C continuous and 220 deg C surge.

Treatments Benefits Application
Singed and Calendered High Strength and Good Acid Resistance Cement
Oil and Water repellant Good Resistance to hydrolysis and oxidizing agents Power
Antistatic Low emissions Iron and Steel
PTFE treatment Easy cleaning hence lower pressure drop and energy saving Asphalt hot Mixing plant
PTFE membrane Longer bag life Alumina

For filter bags, with any of the top cuff and bottom design you required, we specially provide thermo-welding joint which can help to lowest your emission.

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