Find Customized Industrial Fabric Solutions At Khosla Profil Fabric?

Once upon a time, there were a pair of non-identical twin sisters. Their personalities, height, body type, behavior, none of it matched with each other. But their mother failed to understand this and bought the same size clothes, fed them the same food, sent them both for the same activities, and one of them clearly wasn’t fit for any of it. Similarly, when we say industries, not all are the same. The nature of operations, level of energy consumptions, production rate, working atmosphere, etc. all differ from industry to industry. Hence, every industry’s industrial filter fabrics needs are also different. Depending on the markets and the filtration machine in each industry, the fabric type, construction of that material, thickness, length & width have to be adjusted. So, not all technical textile fabric manufacturers will meet your industry requirements, but fret not, Khosla Profil, a leading industrial fabric manufacturer, comes to the rescue.

Khosla Profil is a trusted name in the industry because it is capable of providing customized industrial filter fabrics solutions to its clients. All of it is only possible through its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, wherefrom fiber to yarn to fabric is constructed under one roof. Coming to fabrics, Khosla Profil is equipped with all, from polypropylene to cotton to nylon that too in woven, non-woven, monofilament, and the list is endless. At Khosla Profil, you get everything you ask for! Also, if there is any complication in the fabric, Khosla Profil has a traceability system that indicates the problem to quickly solve it.

The size of every filtration machine is different, and so the industrial filter fabrics need to match the length, width, and thickness of it, and Khosla Profil, a premium technical textile fabric manufacturer in Asia, fulfills your requirements. In some industries, the working temperatures can go up to 300 degrees Celsius, and if the right filter fabric is not installed, it could lead to fire & explosions. For all kinds of temperatures, Khosla Profil has a solution.

Unlike other technical textile manufacturers, Khosla Profil has been in the business for 40 years now. They know the in & out of every industry. Most importantly, they are aware of regulatory laws to keep pollution under control and the only industrial fabric manufacturer to conform to international standards. For the drugs & pharmaceuticals and food & beverage industries, the filter fabrics are made according to FDA rules and pharma-grade norms.

Khosla Profil’s filter fabrics are also a pioneer in wastewater treatment. To restrict the release of harmful by-products in the water, the government expects all the industries to treat the water before discharging it into the freshwaters. For this purpose, all the industries are obliged to install wastewater treatment fabric filters. Centrifuge filter fabric, filter press fabric, and many others from Khosla Profil help your industry keep up with Government norms.

The leading industrial fabric manufacturer, Khosla Profil, delivers their products as per customer’s requirements to enable efficiency of the production process and product quality by being environmentally conscious.

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