All About Waste Water Treatment Filter Fabric

One of the most vital resource used in manufacturing process is water which later, mostly carries solid and liquid waste. Water pollution is an unavoidable problem in the process of manufacturing. This is quite evident from the current quality of our water bodies. To curtail the adverse effect by these processes the pollution control boards have set a primary objective of waste water treatment before releasing them out into the environment. The wastewater composition differs for different industries hence certain changes or customization are generally required to treat these effluents. Waste water treatment plant setup by a company solely for it’s own purpose is called ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant) while many small scale industries get benefited from CETP (Common Effluent Treatment Plant).

There are various stages included in the process of effluent treatment. These various levels are namely- preliminary, primary, secondary and final stage. In the final stage of waste water treatment fine size solids are separated from liquid (solid-liquid separation) through filter press machine with the help of filter press fabric. Khosla Profil being a major waste water treatment filter fabric manufacturer have a high level expertise to provide solution by means of technical fabric specifically for filter presses and centrifuges for filtration purpose. We have developed various fabrics to suit best for the different mechanism and effluent composition.

As a pioneer of filtration fabrics in India, Khosla Filters has added a special surface on the fabric for effective water treatment. This surface of the fabric separates the bio-slurry or chemical slurry from the water. Not just that, the fabric also has uniform pore size distribution, which makes it easy to clean and reuse the filter. Along with this, the fabric is equipped to have excellent strength and minimal elongation. Therefore, the filter press fabric works extremely well in the different industries. The fabric can easily withstand the pressure and given effective results in the treatment process.

Depending on the operation flow, you can ask your waste water treatment filter manufacturer to provide either single weave or multi-layer weave design fabric.

Industries play a major role in all of our lives, but the protection of the environment is equally important. It is very important to maintain the balance and this can be attained by using best quality filter fabric that is suitable for your waste water treatment, by doing so you can expect high quality of your products as well as the nature.

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