5 Uses of Antistatic Filter Media

With the advancement of technology and science, the demand for well-furnished products has increased. The technical equipment required to supplement the potential of machines should be proper and non-destructive. Keeping these things in mind, Khosla Profil has come up with some very efficient fabric filters. Khosla Profil is an extensive producing unit of filters, they work in the area of Antistatic Filter Fabrics manufacturer.

To name one of them, the Antistatic Filter Media is among some of the best filters they provide.

5 Uses of the Antistatic Filter Media are listed here :

1. Careful handling of the electrostatic discharge:

In various filtration applications, electro-static accumulation of charge is one of the major issues. They may cause severe harm if not properly taken care of. The anti-static filter media essentially reduces the risks of the damage. They should be imparted with conductive components. These components are sufficiently earthed, which minimizes the risks of catching fire.

2. For effective separation of dust and Solid Liquid Separation :

With a plethora of filter media offered by Khosla Profil , one can be sure about the effective mode of the operation carried by them. The anti-static properties last for a long time. It carries enough strength to separate explosive dust as well as abrasive dust.

3. Long service life:

When operated under extreme conditions, it remains capable of delivering the best results. As previously mentioned, the anti-static properties have a long life span even when treated under severe dust & Solid liquid separation activities. Moreover, the service life gains strength by frequent washes.

4. Available in both types:

It covers quite a wide range of fabrics involved. Starting from various kinds of polymer to yarn types, the anti-static filter media is well-equipped with its special qualities. It is available in various geometries, and you have the option to pick whatever size and shape you desire for your engineering activities.

5. Some other uses include:

Easy installation into machines without much labour to put in, makes it all the more appreciable. It suits well for suction excavators and cleaning vehicles. It deals well with fine dust and smoke. It helps in improving the energy balance considering the system’s operator.

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