5 Reasons Why Every Industry Should Opt For Khosla Profil Fabric?

Every industry owner would go through the dilemma of selecting the right technical filter and manufacturer. Plus, not all filter manufacturers provide customized fabric solutions that suit their machinery type or fabrics that match the level of operations conducted in an industry. Stay rest assured! Khosla Profil, the leading filter manufacturers in Asia, has solutions to every filtration problem across industries. Here are 5 reasons that will make every industry choose Khosla Profil’s technical filter fabric.

State-Of-The-Art Manufacturing Facility

From fiber to yarn to fabric, Khosla Profil conducts all its manufacturing processes under one roof. This facility allows Khosla Profil to offer customized solutions to all their clients. From technical textiles fabric’s length to width to properties like anti-static and moisture repellent, the manufacturing facility can alter every aspect of the fabric your industry needs.

Wide Range of Technical Filter Fabrics

Each industry’s operation differs from the other, and so arises the need for different fabrics. Khosla Profil offers technical filter fabrics for dry as well as liquid filtration, as they manufacture woven & non-woven fabrics both, so depending on the nature of operations, one can choose the filter. Coming to fabric variants, from cotton to polyester to polypropylene to polyimide, Khosla Profil customizes your industrial fabric. Along with these, there are also filter media available in anti-static properties to prevent any fires or explosions.

Environment Conscious

Pollution is an inevitable part of industries. Khosla Profil aims to be the leading filter manufacturers in the world while being conscious of the environmental footprints. Their dust collector filter fabric bags stop the chemically aggressive elements from getting out of the industries. Not just that, their wastewater treatment technical filter keeps the water bodies away from toxic chemicals and ensures high quality products.

Regulatory Norms

Khosla Profil, one of the largest filter manufacturers in the world has been in the business for the last 40 years. They are well-versed with all the regulatory norms and international standards across industries for a filter fabric. For this reason, Khosla Profil has set labs with latest testing and calibrating equipment in the manufacturing facility that follows all the pharma-grade norms laid by the FDA and other authorities. Khosla Profil provides the high-performance fabric for industries to follow the environmental rules laid by the government.

Specialization in Each Industry

After being for 40 years in the business, there is hardly any industry left that Khosla Profil hasn’t served. They understand the needs and challenges of every industry and offer fabric solutions accordingly. From pharma to chemical to coal to power to cement to metal to tyre & rubber industries, Khosla Profil caters to all.

Khosla Profil has a formidable rapport as the leading technical textiles manufacturer. Get in touch with them for all your industry’s filter fabric needs to keep the environment, health of your workers, and product quality safe.

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