Centrifuge Bags

Centrifuge Bags

Khosla is one of the world’s leading Centrifuge filter Bags manufacturers and producers of DLW (Double Layer Weave) cloth liners and bags for centrifuge filters.

Khosla  manufactures:

  • Centrifuge liners/ belts
  • Centrifuge bags
  • Inverting centrifuge bags

For all makes and models of bottom discharge, top unload, peeler and inverting centrifuges.

Main features
  • Fabric made as per Pharma grade Normas
  • Tailor made ups to fit your Equipment
  • Connections welded whenever technically possible
  • Quality manufacturing eliminates common wrinkling and folding problems
  • Filters with integrated (DLW cloth) or separate backing cloth
  • DLW liners/ Belts ideal for peeler units or where scraper tolerances are limited
  • Calendered  surfaces for Easy discharge cake
  • Wide range of pore sizes and permeabilities
  • Wide range of fabric material (e.g. Polypropylene, Polyester, Nylon, PTFE) with Or without ANTISTATIC
  • Pharma labeling