The KHOSLA FILTERS selection of non-woven media for dry filtration are compatible with all types of dust and fume collection. We deliver a range of surface treatments to address the multitude of process challenges, from static dissipation to moisture repellent fibre, and through to enhanced dust release properties using specialist membrane technology.

Dust Collection Filtration Solutions

KHOSLA FILTER is a leading manufacturer of filter bags for dust collection, with the experience in Process Filtration and Pollution Control. We offer the highest quality premium fabric filter bags featuring special treatments and advanced designs to ensure peak performance and efficiency.

Our Technical Applications Specialists are able to quickly recommend the right products to enhance your dust collection process to avoid Dusting In your Operation area as well as environment.Our products are compatible with all types of dust & fume filters with a wide range of media options to perform in high temperature, chemically aggressive or any other demanding conditions.

Diversified range of filter bags and products; Pulse Jet, Reverse Air and Shaker Dust Collectors, Blower Units and Fluidized Bed Dryers for numerous industries and applications. Its Includes varies Types of MOC

Our Product Range Includes MOC as Under,
  • PolyPropylene
  • Polyester
  • Homopolymer
  • Aramid
  • Polyimide (P84)
  • PTFE Membrane & laminated Bags
  • Glass Fiber Bags
Filter fabric for cement industry

With increasing pressure to reduce the particles and gases emitted into the atmosphere, Khosla  works in close collaboration with dry filtration OEMs and end-users to reduce emissions. Our dust collection bags are not only efficiently protecting the environment, but are also relied upon for the collection of powder products. Our dry filtration range offers true value and includes woven and felted media with sewing  or welded seams, all carefully constructed using modern equipment in our purpose-built facilities located close to our customers around the globe.

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