Metals & Mines

Metal producers understand the importance of an efficiently operated filter building. Whether your filters are dewatering, concentrated metallurgical ore for a fine particle size, tailings slurry for dry stacking, the filtration facility is an essential process step.

Filter Fabric For Pharmaceutical Industry


Khosla filters products are used extensively in, and often specified for, applications dedicated to the Pharmaceutical Segments . Our Range of Products includes Antistatic and monofilament Fabrics produced specifically to suit the stringent norms of FDA

Food and Beverages

We focus on several aspects of filtration: the cost of production, level of dryness, the level of separation or product productivity as well as safety in food. By using KHOSLA products you have the guarantee to purchase the most advanced product for your application.

Edible Oil Filtration Fabric Manufacturer

Dyes & Pigments

Filtration of very fine particles and fast throughput is a challenge in the Dyes and pigment industry. KHOSLA FILTERS has developed unique solutions for this market segment. Our Filter Cloths are developed for pressure and vacuum applications in the production of Dyes and pigments.


The chemical industry has a broad spectrum of applications and needs highly efficient and economic liquid-solid separation solutions. Leading chemical producers are interested in product purity, high yield, low operating cost as well as waste minimization to meet sustainability goals.
Filter Fabric Manufacturer for Chemical and Pesticide industry

Clay & Silica

Khosla filters products are used extensively in, and often specified for, applications dedicated to the Clay & Minerals Segments .Our Range of Products includes Woven monofilament Fabrics produced specifically to suit the application of mines and minerals

Waste Water Treatment

Wastewater must be significantly purified before being released into the environment. Khosla filters works with local governing bodies and industries to develop filtration materials and products that meet the high regulations to properly filter the water.

Cement Filter Bags By Khosla Profil


The KHOSLA FILTERS selection of non-woven media for dry filtration are compatible with all types of dust and fume collection. We deliver a range of surface treatments to address the multitude of process challenges, from static dissipation to moisture repellent fibre, and through to enhanced dust release properties using specialist membrane technology.


At KHOSLA, we have decades experience in each FGD filtration stage and our filter media is specifically designed to be robust for heavy operations within the FGD applications. We deliver high performing products for each filtration stage including dust collection, gypsum filtration, and waste water filtration.
Industrial Fabric Manufacturing Factory
Fabric Manufactures

Outdoor Fabrics

Khosla Profil offers a wide range of fabrics suitable for a variety of outdoor end uses such as tents, awnings, tarpaulins and sailcloth. In keeping with the aesthetics required, these fabrics are woven on latest shuttleless looms using the finest yarns available in the country.

Tyre & Rubber Industries

The industrial/technical fabrics from Khosla Profil are a major fabric source for the tyre, belting, coating and MRG industries.The company has an exceptional and proven capability to develop industry specific fabrics that cater to individual customer requirements.

Conveyor Belt Fabric Manufacturer